October 21, 2011

This, That & ZOMBIES!

Hello again friends!
A few things have happened since my last post so let's just get on with it shall we:

First off there's a killer show I was lucky enough to be a part of that's going on right NOW!  Heather Hansma is a super bad ass in the Detroit area & when I heard she was curating a 'Day of the Dead' themed show & let me be a part of it I screamed liked a little girl being ripped apart by zombies.  The opening was October 7th & the show will be running until November 5th at Starkweather Arts Center.  Heather was also nice enough to do a little preview on me & one of my pieces just before the show which you can read here.
Here're my two thingies:
"Removing the Mask" - watercolor/ink on canvas:

"Three Amigos" - ink on bristol:
Secondly the ArtSlam! event in San Antonio last month was high five awesomeness!  The theme was 'Martial Arts' & all you people who were involved &/or came by to check it out are the coolest.  My MUTANT NINJA prints were well received & the LIVE painting I did that night was a blast to create in front of your happy faces.  Here are some action shots of me acting like I'm knowing what the hell I'm doing...or not:
The silent auction for my painting was an epic, kung fu battle in itself, but the last, WINNING ninja standing was SETH who took home my piece & now has BIG TROUBLE all over his wall:
Thanks again to Rob for putting on yet another spectacular live show....Kung Fu Masters!:
I'm already looking forward to the next ArtSlam! event &...wait a minute...what's that?! There's an ArtSlam! TOMORROW NIGHT?!?!
You know it!:
(poster by the talented Henry Quiara)
Last year ARTSLAM! did 'Undead' in San Antonio for Halloween, this year they're bringing it right here to my home of AUSTIN with 'Return of the Undead!'
That's right...zombies, monsters, blood, guts...all that super freaky crap that scares you will be attacking your every nerve & sense tomorrow at the ND at 501 Studios.  You can be on either side of the blood bath as there will be numerous make up artists making up ANYONE who wants to be a zombie INTO a zombie!  I've also printed up TWO new, nightmarish, monsterish, hand signedish prints for the occasion that I'll be introducing to anyone who visits my table.  Here's what they look like & I can already tell they'll go splendidly well against that wall color you chose in your home:
I'll also have some other goodies & original art for you to poke through, but you have to come to the show to see em!
So try to make it out TOMORROW & see some crazy talented artists draw zombies & stuff!  Here's the info where you can RSVP & gather the specifics.

After this show I'll be full throttle getting ready for Austin Comic Con which is only a few weeks away. Then a three person show in Detroit come February will be consuming my life after that...more details to come....
Thanks for wasting a few minutes of your life on my page! xo - c.

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