September 21, 2011

High Kicks instead of High Fives?

Hey friends!  It's been a while since my last post as I've been locked up in my cave working on a lot of goodies, but I've undone the shackles, jumped on my Mac & am ready to share a little info with you right now.  High kick to that! "Why a "high kick" instead of the regular "high five" you usually throw out, Cody?"............
.......GREAT question & THIS IS WHY!:
That's right folks! It's time for ArtSlam again & the cool kids down in San Antonio have invited me to play with them THIS coming Saturday, September 24th. I had such a blast at their 'Pixels vs. Panels'  show back in July(which you can read all about my experience HERE) that I've been punching the air with excitement waiting for the next event. Good thing too since this show's theme is 'MARTIAL ARTS!'  My nonstop air-punching has made me a Kung Fu Master & now I'm in tip-top shape & more ready than ever to tackle this karate chopping challenge!
So myself along with other local artists will once again be LIVE painting at The White Rabbit while all kinds of amazing things will be happening around us.  Things like: Wu-Tang Karaoke, a Mortal Kombat video game tournament, LIVE music from four different bands, DJs & a lot more!  Yeah...I know you want to go & I want you to too!  You can RSVP here on Facebook & get all the information you need.
Along with the main reason I'll be there that night which is creating an original painting right in front of your "HiYA!ing" faces, I've also created FOUR original prints for the event.  I grew up watching, buying the toys & drawing those cute, green little boogers the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so they've influenced me in some way(nothing like THIS awesome lady however).  But here's the thing...they're MUTATED turtles from the sewer!  How can they be SO DAMN CUTE?!  Welp, I went ahead & gave this some serious thought & after a few days of scribbling, splattering, scanning & coloring, I came up with how these little radioactive bastards should REALLY look.  So I give you the MUTANT NINJAS:
These guys will be crawling all over my table through out the night waiting for you to come by & take them home, so be sure to save a life & adopt a grotesque, mutated turtle today!
Along with getting prepared for the Martial Artslam show, I've been hard at work finishing up some pieces for a 'Day of the Dead' group show in Detroit during October & continuing to finish up my mini book which will be released at Austin Comic Con in November.  You'll be hearing from me soon about those thingies...

On an entirely different note, the awesome peeps at profiled me on their site recently. If you want to watch the most awkward & embarrassing interview ever, Go give it gander if you have the time & thanks to Roy & Maria for setting this up!

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Okay, check back soon guys....

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