July 30, 2011


Man do you guys love your video games & comic books!
I had a blast this past weekend at the ArtSlam!: Pixels vs. Panels show in San Antonio doing some live painting.  It was indeed a delightful time filled with spray paint fumes, rad music & 3LB CINNAMON ROLLS?!? Yep, THREE POUNDS!...but more on that later.
I stumbled into the White Rabbit around 7pm to set up my station & was greeted by Rob aka Deadbeat Hero (the curator of this awesome event. He's also selling some limited edition Atari/Punisher shirts he designed/printed during the show which you can order here.
I got one & my torso is not only happy with my decision, but is definitely the coolest looking piece of my body when I wear it!  Go snag one now & hurry...there's only a few!)
After the "hellos" & handshakes with other artists painting that evening, I got to work.
It being a video game/comic book mash up theme, I went with PacMan viciously hungry for [the deliciously-terrible career choices of Nic Cage as] Ghostrider...
I painted until the sun sneaked far behind the earth & through out the night met a LOT of GREAT people!  You guys were so cool there & I want to thank each & every one of you who came to my table to chat &/or purchase some of the goodies I had...& I really would if I had a list of your names!
I'd like to especially computer-screen-high-five those that bid on my painting through out the night for the silent auction.  Though I wish I could've used some crazy X-Men mutant power to make exact replicas for you ALL to go home with, there could be & WAS only one winner:
My newest buddy Roland took Charlie Sheen's magical phrase seriously & came out on top.  This dude rocks!
I also did a commissioned illustration for A.J. who wanted Luigi & Princess Peach "relaxing".  Hey...I give them what they want!:
Again...the artists were amazing/inspiring at the show.  I wish I got to meet everyone, but being holed up behind my table prevented that.  I did bounce around like Super Mario for a bit & had the privilege to say "hi" to a few.  Here are some quick photos from the evening.....

Cristobal Licea's paintings were AWESOME.  This guy couldn't be nicer either:

Nik SoupĂ© was a master with the spray paint cans.  Check out his 'Transmetropolitan' painting done that night:

The extremely lovely EEK! CREATIONS was there representing Austin also:

So I give a BIG THUMBS UP to you San Antonio for your warm embrace & look forward to the next time you'll have me!
above photos courtesy of Holly Brown, Rob Perez, Lesley Fielding Roland Gutierrez & St. Philip's Anime Club
I do have a few of the Link vs. Superman & Wolverine / Mario Mash up prints left over from the show that wish to be adopted.  Head over to my shop to grab one or 10000 of them.  I've also got some other pieces that might look really awesome on your wall, so step into the store....
Cool.  Until next time...

....oh yeah!  The "3LB. CINNAMON ROLL" I mentioned earlier!  Welp, our hotel room was only a few steps from a pretty yummy, 24-hour diner called LuLu's Bakery & Cafe.  Needless to say we abused this place during our short stay with a 4pm lunch when we arrived in San Antonio, a 4am "dinner" after the art show & a 9am breakfast before heading down to South Padre Island for a few days.  Along with an outstanding Chicken Fried Steak, THIS is what LuLu's is known for:
In San Antonio?  Go try to conquer this mouth-watering, cinnamon/sugar-high beast!
Okay, off to get more fun stuff done for Comic Con & remember to follow me on Twitter so I can tell you what I'm eating, which movies I'm watching & how my coffee tastes...FUN!!

Alright...NOW until next time.


  1. Glad to hear you had a warm and fun time in San Antonio! You and all of the other artists at ArtSlam have so much talent. It was great to see your work. Come back soon!

  2. Hell yeah! Great times...hope to see you at the next Artslam Sept 24 White Rabbit!


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