June 7, 2011

Welp, Meth & Hot Dogs 2, the super cool show I was a part of at LIFT Gallery in Detroit just closed at the end of May, but with the death of something comes the birth of something else:
Saturday night a portal of epic brutality was unleashed in the state of Illinois.  OhNo!Doom Gallery in Chicago held it's opening of "Friends of the Beast: A Tribute to Metal".  If you're in the area you must check out this amazing exhibit filled with super talented artists which will almost guarantee your eyes to bleed from all the awesome. You can view/purchase the entire show online HERE. The exhibit will run through June, so tell your friends, enemies & lovers to go...
Here are my two pieces:

A Girl In A Head (14" x 11" - watercolor/ink on gesso panel):

A Boy With A Head (16" x 20" - watercolor/ink on canvas):

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