June 29, 2011

Heading south where Mario's fighting Wolverine?

Well hello there amigos.
You peeps ever lay awake at night & wonder who the winner of an epic battle between LINK(that cute, little Hylian boy from the Nintendo world) & the Man of Steel himself SUPERMAN would be?  What about the outcome of Mario's nemesis BOWSER shooting fireballs at the rock-hard abs of The THING?! Don't act like you don't constantly think about these exact scenarios!  I guess being a child of the '80s & spending looong, restless nights with my brothers reading Batman, munching on helpless scrubs' heads as The Amazon in 'Pro Wrestling', wondering how the hell Colossus stayed so shiny in Uncanny X-Men battles, jumping through crazy obstacles as Samus in 'Metroid', collecting every single trading card from the Marvel Comics series(yes...especially the harder to find holograms) & even surrendering to the great, Greek mythology realm as Kratos in 'God of War' has made me sit & daydream about these "hypothetical pairings".  But now I KNOW I'm NOT the only one!
On July 23rd, myself along with 25 other artists will be getting together to bring life to these crazy ideas.  We're taking the pixelated characters from our favorite video games & pairing them up with/against some of the greatest, muscle-ripped heroes straight from the panels of our most beloved comic books.  Yep...ArtSlam! presents: 
What better place to have this epic battle than in the city where a raccoon-tail wearing mofo shed blood in Texas' most epic battle?  That's right...down the street from The Alamo (I know what you're thinking) at The White Rabbit in San Antonio will be this special, one-night event.  Local artists will be banding together for an evening of LIVE painting AND music.  Starting at 8pm we'll be setting up our stations (while the MANY bands set up their gear for their sets) & flinging paint around to turn our geeky thoughts into actual pieces of art you can hang on your wall!  ALL art will be up for silent auction during the show, so I hope you guys can come by to see some talented artist folk in action while hopefully taking home some art as well.  This will be my first LIVE painting session, so I welcome...no...I NEED your support & high fives.
For more info & to RSVP head to the ArtSlam! Facebook event or the ArtSlam! homepage.

Along with the giant painting I'll be creating before your eyeballs at this show, I'm offering PRE-ORDERED, commissioned pieces for those of you who'll come by.  Simply shoot me an email with the comic/video game characters you want punching each other in the face, enjoying tea together, or whatever you can think of & I'll spill some ink on an 8.5"x 11" piece of bristol board.  All pieces will be an original, black & white, ink illustration.  All pieces will be $10 which you can pay in advance via PayPal or when you pick the illustration up at the show.  They can ONLY be picked up at the show, so pre-order only if you or a friend can pick them up.  I'll be creating these drawings in advance since my time at the show will be solely devoted to my painting, so I'll be accepting just a few.  So become a writer for a day & have someone (ME) draw what you think up!...FUN!
I've also created a couple prints exclusively for this event shown below which I'll have available at my table (obviously without the watermarks on them).  There will be other goodies there to choose from, so come to the show & see what I have in store!
"Let's take Wolverine & Mario, decapitate them, then sew their heads on the other one's body!" That's what my brain told me to do so that's exactly what I did in this print & now you can own this sick idea for yourself!:
I don't know why I automatically illustrate characters cutting each other's heads off when thinking of comic book & video game characters fighting, but I'm guilty of it again with this print which will also be available at the show.  Don't be fooled by the cuteness & innocence of LINK...he means business:

Cool.  I REALLY hope to see some of you there!

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