May 23, 2011

The Sketchbook Project 2012

Here we go again!
I opened up my mailbox a little over a week ago to find a 6"x 9" envelope sent from Brooklyn.  I immediately knew what it was & the creative juices started soaking my brain.
Last year I participated in my first Sketchbook Project created by Art House Coop.  It was such a pleasant experience of spending way too much money on Pigma Micron pens & nights when I should've been working on other projects but didn't that I decided I had to do it again this year...& more than likely every year now.
Upon opening the envelope I noticed a difference in the sketchbook from last year's.  It was considerably smaller in size & the amount of pages had decreased as well.  The paper was a tad bit heavier too which will prevent bleeding.  I was definitely relieved & happy to see these changes.
Last year my theme was "Help!" which you can view here.  
This year my theme is "Encyclopedia of..." which you'll now be able to view right here.
I'll be updating this blog post periodically as I complete my sketchbook.  Once my book is complete I plan on making copies of it to make it available at Austin Comic Con coming up & to anyone else wanting to own it through my online store.  Needless to say it will be filled with some twisted goodness.
So enjoy my process below!  I'll be posting them via Twitter as well along with whatever else I'm working on (& don't forget my random art GIVEAWYS!), so give me a follow.
By the way...Art House is still taking orders/submissions for The Sketchbook Projects 2012.  Sign up!


  1. Love your Sketchbook. Just saw it on the ArtHouseCoop site. Yes, it is indeed filled with twisted goodness!
    I just signed up to do does seem to be a force beyond control, doesn't it?
    Onward! Your stuff is great!

  2. Held your 2011 Sketchbook in my hand today and was amazed. Everyone at my table agreed it was fantastic, imaginative work. Love the European-comic styling of your work.

  3. oh my. what magnificent images. ://O i'm totally godsmacked.


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