May 20, 2011

It's A Friday Giveaway!!!

Hello friends!
For those of you that follow me on Twitter you know I like to give away some art now & then to random followers.  TODAY brings another chance to win some cool goodies!
My buddy Spanky Stokes has an amazing blog which showcases some super talented artists from around the globe usually specializing in custom vinyls & toys.  He tends to have a "Friday Giveaway" every week, so definitely bookmark his blog & revisit daily! I got with him a few weeks back & we set up some neato FREE stuff for today's giveaway!
About six months ago I designed a custom OMI figure from Munky King.  It showed at their gallery in LA to help launch the OMI figure (their newest DIY vinyl at the time).  Now's your chance to give my "Z'OMI" a permanent home!:
Not only will you get this little guy if you win, but you'll ALSO win this original illustration of the same zombie fool screaming for brains! 8"x 10" on bristol board:
"How do I enter to win?!"...GLAD YOU ASKED!  Now that the decaying, maggot-filled, brain-eating prizes have been established, all you have to do is follow me on Twitter AND tweet THIS: 
#FF @CodySchibi to win a custom OMI and an original ink drawing on #SSCOD PLS RT to enter!
You  can also head over to where the information is available as well.  SIMPLE!  Entries will be accepted ALL DAY TODAY until midnight west coast time with the winner being selected using the magical, number-picking randomizer shortly after.
I love giving things away to art lovers, so this is exciting for me too!  I'll be continuing to do it, so continue to follow me on Twitter!  Another reminder for those attending Austin Comic Con, I'll be having daily giveaways to my followers who come up to my table with the "secret words".  Not only will I scream frantically like PeeWee Herman, but you'll walk away with free art!
Good luck friends!

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