March 3, 2011

Austin Comic Con

A little news to let you know that I enlisted myself in the army which is Austin Comic Con.  I felt the time was right & am willing to defend the dripping paint & wasted ink of all my attempts at artistic stimuli.  So as you see below, I've strapped on my imaginary, demon head helmet & will be going through extensive boot camp training to ready myself for November.  I will then enter the trenches of the Austin Convention Center for three, bloody days & hope to come out alive to tell you of the experience.
Here's my info on the Austin Comic Con page & keep checking back to see who else is added.  The current lineup of celebrities & especially artists is already impressive, so anything else will be a nice bonus.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter for more information & giveaways! Hope to see your smiling faces there!
Off to lift some finger weights....