December 30, 2011

Holy SHIP!!

I’m having a quick, New Years special at my store until Jan. 2nd.  ”What’s the special?” you ask?…it’s FREE SHITTING!…i mean SHIPPING! on your entire order!  Just use discount code: HolyShip & watch as your order magically appears at your house/apartment/cave/etc.. without paying for shipping! Neat-o! Head to my store & see if there’s anything you fancy to start off your 2012…
Have a Happy High-Fiving New Year!

December 22, 2011

Holiday Fear!

Here to help spread Holiday Fear...I mean CHEER is a quickly modified version of one of my 'Monster MugShots'!  I give you "Christmas Crowley".  Put it on a card & send it over to Grandma!
Hope you guys & gals have an awesome, safe Holiday!...& you will...if you STAY OUT OF THE DAMN SWAMP!
*The creator of Victor Crowley (Adam Green) himself has been spreading this image via Twitter, Facebook & on his website.  Coolio!

December 8, 2011

It's A SALE 13ig 13oys!!

The Holidays are here fools!  
Time to buy all kinds of crap, wrap it up with paper & love, put a bow on it, give it to people, watch the people tear apart your lovely wrapping & then high five those people! THAT order!
The first thing on that list can really add up, so I'm having a little sale over at my online store to save you a little moneys.
And this is exactly what I'm doing.......:

That's right!  13% OFF EVERYTHING!!  Why 13%, Cody?  Well, since it's my online store, & "Cyber Monday" was on November 26th...50% of 26 is 13! Makes perfect sense right?!...OH! AND I have thirteen fingers!! That's why! And not only will you get 13% off your ENTIRE order, but somewhere in your package will be a quick, FREE custom sketch from me.  That's right again...even if you buy only one of 'Those Weird Ones' trading cards, you'll also get a little sketch thrown in for FREE! If you buy my 'Oddities/Deformities' mini art book, you'll get a custom sketch inside the book for...wait for it.....FREE! Whatever you order you'll get an actual ink illustration done with my right hand that has 7 fingers on it!  YES! All you have to do is type in: 13FINGERS in the "Discount Code" box when completing your order & voila!...13% OFF your order AND a FREE sketch!!  FUN!  This SALE starts TOMORROW at 12:13PM CST on FRIDAY, Dec. 9th & ends at 12:13PM CST on TUESDAY, Dec....yep, y'got it...THIRTEENTH!!

Now that I'm done screaming my brains out like a crazy, car salesman, head over to my store & find something that will make you or someone else happy this Holiday.

And a little heads up about an event that I'm super excited to be a part of in late January.  My magical mastermind monster buddies at ARTSLAM! are throwing their SIX year anniversary show on Jan. 28th in San Antonio.  This is a GIGANTIC deal & to celebrate this milestone they're bringing in THREE amazing artists to celebrate with us: Alex Pardee, Skinner & L'Amour Supreme!  Yep...Maximus Erectus indeed!
I along with a few other artists will be flinging paint alongside these mofos ALL NIGHT that night & we want YOU to witness this!  It's still a ways off, but get your tickets NOW to guarantee a spot inside The White Rabbit while we melt your faces!!  More info coming soon...

November 29, 2011

The Monsters Have Been Caught...& NOW RELEASED!!

Here are my ever-growing, never-ending "Monster MugShots".  I have a lot of them constantly sketched out & when time & deadlines allow, I'll continue to add to the series which already include Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th), Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm St.), Michael Myers (Halloween), Pinhead (Hellraiser), Victor Crowley (Hatchet), Chucky (Child's Play), Ghostface (Scream), Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Sam (Trick 'r Treat), Angela Baker (Sleepaway Camp), Tall Man (Phantasm) & Krite (Critters).
(the dates on their boards are the film premieres)
And be sure to follow me on TWITTER & especially Instagram as I show a lot of process pics of these guys & have giveaways for them as well.
So head to my online store & start collecting these trading cards!  Share &/or swap with your's FUN!

...keep checking back as I'll be updating my page with this never-ending series...

November 18, 2011

Happy ThanksGiveaway!!

The day is almost here where we hang out with family & friends, gorge ourselves with as much food as humanly possible, take a nap, then DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN!  There's a lot to give thanks for this year, but ONE thing I'll be giving away is my new art book: 'Oddities/Deformities'!  This little "contest" is running a whole week with the winner being announced the day after our food comas on BLACK FRIDAY!  All you have to do is give me a follow on Twitter & ReTweet the tweets I'll be periodically putting up from here until next Friday...THAT'S IT!  I'll be randomly selecting one of my followers who retweeted the goods & sending them out a book with something special scribbled in it.  
If you just can't wait or feel you're the unluckiest person in the world & in NO WAY will you win this giveaway, I have put my book up in my online store.  Head over there & start your XMAS shopping from the comfort of your home!

I'll be back shortly with a review on my experience at Austin Comic Con & some other cool events happening very soon....

November 8, 2011

Austin Comic Con is here already?!...CACA!

What up g funks.
Just a quick reminder to let you know that Austin Comic Con is THIS WEEKEND!  It really snuck up on me even though I was always aware of it's looming presence & I'm already cursing my amazing procrastination skills....or praising them...or whatever.  But the last week has been a sleepless one as I'm getting all my caca in order.  Speaking of caca....
I've finally completed my first mini art book which will be released at Comic Con this weekend.  Yup, 'Oddities/Deformities' is all printed up & eager to give you nightmares or arouse you as soon as possible.
I'll have a plethora of them available at my table & will be putting some up in my online store sometime next week.  So if you're not gonna make it to the show this weekend, do not fret, you can have it dropped off right outside your front door.  It's filled with a collection of goodies that have been reviewed by the Board of Strange:
Not only will my book be staring at you begging for you to take it home, I'll also have a nice selection of prints, trading cards, buttons, iPhone Gela Skins, original art, etc...y'know...more "caca" I've been getting in order for this show. I'll also be spending the weekend taking commissioned illustrations for a few green pieces of paper in return.  Just come to my table & demand me to draw something for you!  Oh yeah & if you follow me on Twitter I'll be having random giveaways throughout the weekend.  So give me a follow & if you're the only one following me who's going be prepared for a bunch of FREE caca!
So the Austin Convention Center is pretty big, so I went ahead & drew out a very detailed, extremely clear, treasure-like map for you to follow to get to my table. Voila:
...if you get lost simply wave your hands over your head & start screaming as loud as you can.
I'll be at TABLE #2928 in Artist Alley ALL weekend, so do take the time to come by & high five me!  If I'm away at the moment, my twin brother, Lance, will be running the show so just give him a high five!  No seriously...I do have a twin brother & seriously...high five him.
With a few days left I'll be stapling my eyelids to my forehead & getting some final pieces done.'s the link to the Austin Comic Con page where you can see who's gonna be there, check out the times/schedules & grab tix. Really hope to see you guys there...

October 21, 2011

This, That & ZOMBIES!

Hello again friends!
A few things have happened since my last post so let's just get on with it shall we:

First off there's a killer show I was lucky enough to be a part of that's going on right NOW!  Heather Hansma is a super bad ass in the Detroit area & when I heard she was curating a 'Day of the Dead' themed show & let me be a part of it I screamed liked a little girl being ripped apart by zombies.  The opening was October 7th & the show will be running until November 5th at Starkweather Arts Center.  Heather was also nice enough to do a little preview on me & one of my pieces just before the show which you can read here.
Here're my two thingies:
"Removing the Mask" - watercolor/ink on canvas:

"Three Amigos" - ink on bristol:
Secondly the ArtSlam! event in San Antonio last month was high five awesomeness!  The theme was 'Martial Arts' & all you people who were involved &/or came by to check it out are the coolest.  My MUTANT NINJA prints were well received & the LIVE painting I did that night was a blast to create in front of your happy faces.  Here are some action shots of me acting like I'm knowing what the hell I'm doing...or not:
The silent auction for my painting was an epic, kung fu battle in itself, but the last, WINNING ninja standing was SETH who took home my piece & now has BIG TROUBLE all over his wall:
Thanks again to Rob for putting on yet another spectacular live show....Kung Fu Masters!:
I'm already looking forward to the next ArtSlam! event &...wait a minute...what's that?! There's an ArtSlam! TOMORROW NIGHT?!?!
You know it!:
(poster by the talented Henry Quiara)
Last year ARTSLAM! did 'Undead' in San Antonio for Halloween, this year they're bringing it right here to my home of AUSTIN with 'Return of the Undead!'
That's right...zombies, monsters, blood, guts...all that super freaky crap that scares you will be attacking your every nerve & sense tomorrow at the ND at 501 Studios.  You can be on either side of the blood bath as there will be numerous make up artists making up ANYONE who wants to be a zombie INTO a zombie!  I've also printed up TWO new, nightmarish, monsterish, hand signedish prints for the occasion that I'll be introducing to anyone who visits my table.  Here's what they look like & I can already tell they'll go splendidly well against that wall color you chose in your home:
I'll also have some other goodies & original art for you to poke through, but you have to come to the show to see em!
So try to make it out TOMORROW & see some crazy talented artists draw zombies & stuff!  Here's the info where you can RSVP & gather the specifics.

After this show I'll be full throttle getting ready for Austin Comic Con which is only a few weeks away. Then a three person show in Detroit come February will be consuming my life after that...more details to come....
Thanks for wasting a few minutes of your life on my page! xo - c.

September 21, 2011

High Kicks instead of High Fives?

Hey friends!  It's been a while since my last post as I've been locked up in my cave working on a lot of goodies, but I've undone the shackles, jumped on my Mac & am ready to share a little info with you right now.  High kick to that! "Why a "high kick" instead of the regular "high five" you usually throw out, Cody?"............
.......GREAT question & THIS IS WHY!:
That's right folks! It's time for ArtSlam again & the cool kids down in San Antonio have invited me to play with them THIS coming Saturday, September 24th. I had such a blast at their 'Pixels vs. Panels'  show back in July(which you can read all about my experience HERE) that I've been punching the air with excitement waiting for the next event. Good thing too since this show's theme is 'MARTIAL ARTS!'  My nonstop air-punching has made me a Kung Fu Master & now I'm in tip-top shape & more ready than ever to tackle this karate chopping challenge!
So myself along with other local artists will once again be LIVE painting at The White Rabbit while all kinds of amazing things will be happening around us.  Things like: Wu-Tang Karaoke, a Mortal Kombat video game tournament, LIVE music from four different bands, DJs & a lot more!  Yeah...I know you want to go & I want you to too!  You can RSVP here on Facebook & get all the information you need.
Along with the main reason I'll be there that night which is creating an original painting right in front of your "HiYA!ing" faces, I've also created FOUR original prints for the event.  I grew up watching, buying the toys & drawing those cute, green little boogers the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so they've influenced me in some way(nothing like THIS awesome lady however).  But here's the thing...they're MUTATED turtles from the sewer!  How can they be SO DAMN CUTE?!  Welp, I went ahead & gave this some serious thought & after a few days of scribbling, splattering, scanning & coloring, I came up with how these little radioactive bastards should REALLY look.  So I give you the MUTANT NINJAS:
These guys will be crawling all over my table through out the night waiting for you to come by & take them home, so be sure to save a life & adopt a grotesque, mutated turtle today!
Along with getting prepared for the Martial Artslam show, I've been hard at work finishing up some pieces for a 'Day of the Dead' group show in Detroit during October & continuing to finish up my mini book which will be released at Austin Comic Con in November.  You'll be hearing from me soon about those thingies...

On an entirely different note, the awesome peeps at profiled me on their site recently. If you want to watch the most awkward & embarrassing interview ever, Go give it gander if you have the time & thanks to Roy & Maria for setting this up!

Remember to give me a follow on Twitter as I update things daily there & usually have little giveaways about once a month.  Free art is always cool!
Okay, check back soon guys....

August 5, 2011

"& uh...yeah...y'!"

...that's pretty much what I sound like in this little interview that the local team of Indie Live Austin did with me.  My longtime buddy Rich did the interview & he made me a little less nervous, but watch this, make fun of me & see how awkward I am in front of cameras.  I was really hoping they were going to add some crazy explosions & CG monsters to make me look really awesome, but their editing was perfect enough to not make me look like a complete fool.
So check out this video that will be part of a full episode with a lot more great eye/ear candy & aired on your television sets come September:
Thanks to Johnny, Rich & all those awesome peeps at Indie Live Austin.

July 30, 2011


Man do you guys love your video games & comic books!
I had a blast this past weekend at the ArtSlam!: Pixels vs. Panels show in San Antonio doing some live painting.  It was indeed a delightful time filled with spray paint fumes, rad music & 3LB CINNAMON ROLLS?!? Yep, THREE POUNDS!...but more on that later.
I stumbled into the White Rabbit around 7pm to set up my station & was greeted by Rob aka Deadbeat Hero (the curator of this awesome event. He's also selling some limited edition Atari/Punisher shirts he designed/printed during the show which you can order here.
I got one & my torso is not only happy with my decision, but is definitely the coolest looking piece of my body when I wear it!  Go snag one now & hurry...there's only a few!)
After the "hellos" & handshakes with other artists painting that evening, I got to work.
It being a video game/comic book mash up theme, I went with PacMan viciously hungry for [the deliciously-terrible career choices of Nic Cage as] Ghostrider...
I painted until the sun sneaked far behind the earth & through out the night met a LOT of GREAT people!  You guys were so cool there & I want to thank each & every one of you who came to my table to chat &/or purchase some of the goodies I had...& I really would if I had a list of your names!
I'd like to especially computer-screen-high-five those that bid on my painting through out the night for the silent auction.  Though I wish I could've used some crazy X-Men mutant power to make exact replicas for you ALL to go home with, there could be & WAS only one winner:
My newest buddy Roland took Charlie Sheen's magical phrase seriously & came out on top.  This dude rocks!
I also did a commissioned illustration for A.J. who wanted Luigi & Princess Peach "relaxing".  Hey...I give them what they want!:
Again...the artists were amazing/inspiring at the show.  I wish I got to meet everyone, but being holed up behind my table prevented that.  I did bounce around like Super Mario for a bit & had the privilege to say "hi" to a few.  Here are some quick photos from the evening.....

Cristobal Licea's paintings were AWESOME.  This guy couldn't be nicer either:

Nik SoupĂ© was a master with the spray paint cans.  Check out his 'Transmetropolitan' painting done that night:

The extremely lovely EEK! CREATIONS was there representing Austin also:

So I give a BIG THUMBS UP to you San Antonio for your warm embrace & look forward to the next time you'll have me!
above photos courtesy of Holly Brown, Rob Perez, Lesley Fielding Roland Gutierrez & St. Philip's Anime Club
I do have a few of the Link vs. Superman & Wolverine / Mario Mash up prints left over from the show that wish to be adopted.  Head over to my shop to grab one or 10000 of them.  I've also got some other pieces that might look really awesome on your wall, so step into the store....
Cool.  Until next time...

....oh yeah!  The "3LB. CINNAMON ROLL" I mentioned earlier!  Welp, our hotel room was only a few steps from a pretty yummy, 24-hour diner called LuLu's Bakery & Cafe.  Needless to say we abused this place during our short stay with a 4pm lunch when we arrived in San Antonio, a 4am "dinner" after the art show & a 9am breakfast before heading down to South Padre Island for a few days.  Along with an outstanding Chicken Fried Steak, THIS is what LuLu's is known for:
In San Antonio?  Go try to conquer this mouth-watering, cinnamon/sugar-high beast!
Okay, off to get more fun stuff done for Comic Con & remember to follow me on Twitter so I can tell you what I'm eating, which movies I'm watching & how my coffee tastes...FUN!!

Alright...NOW until next time.

June 29, 2011

Heading south where Mario's fighting Wolverine?

Well hello there amigos.
You peeps ever lay awake at night & wonder who the winner of an epic battle between LINK(that cute, little Hylian boy from the Nintendo world) & the Man of Steel himself SUPERMAN would be?  What about the outcome of Mario's nemesis BOWSER shooting fireballs at the rock-hard abs of The THING?! Don't act like you don't constantly think about these exact scenarios!  I guess being a child of the '80s & spending looong, restless nights with my brothers reading Batman, munching on helpless scrubs' heads as The Amazon in 'Pro Wrestling', wondering how the hell Colossus stayed so shiny in Uncanny X-Men battles, jumping through crazy obstacles as Samus in 'Metroid', collecting every single trading card from the Marvel Comics series(yes...especially the harder to find holograms) & even surrendering to the great, Greek mythology realm as Kratos in 'God of War' has made me sit & daydream about these "hypothetical pairings".  But now I KNOW I'm NOT the only one!
On July 23rd, myself along with 25 other artists will be getting together to bring life to these crazy ideas.  We're taking the pixelated characters from our favorite video games & pairing them up with/against some of the greatest, muscle-ripped heroes straight from the panels of our most beloved comic books.  Yep...ArtSlam! presents: 
What better place to have this epic battle than in the city where a raccoon-tail wearing mofo shed blood in Texas' most epic battle?  That's right...down the street from The Alamo (I know what you're thinking) at The White Rabbit in San Antonio will be this special, one-night event.  Local artists will be banding together for an evening of LIVE painting AND music.  Starting at 8pm we'll be setting up our stations (while the MANY bands set up their gear for their sets) & flinging paint around to turn our geeky thoughts into actual pieces of art you can hang on your wall!  ALL art will be up for silent auction during the show, so I hope you guys can come by to see some talented artist folk in action while hopefully taking home some art as well.  This will be my first LIVE painting session, so I NEED your support & high fives.
For more info & to RSVP head to the ArtSlam! Facebook event or the ArtSlam! homepage.

Along with the giant painting I'll be creating before your eyeballs at this show, I'm offering PRE-ORDERED, commissioned pieces for those of you who'll come by.  Simply shoot me an email with the comic/video game characters you want punching each other in the face, enjoying tea together, or whatever you can think of & I'll spill some ink on an 8.5"x 11" piece of bristol board.  All pieces will be an original, black & white, ink illustration.  All pieces will be $10 which you can pay in advance via PayPal or when you pick the illustration up at the show.  They can ONLY be picked up at the show, so pre-order only if you or a friend can pick them up.  I'll be creating these drawings in advance since my time at the show will be solely devoted to my painting, so I'll be accepting just a few.  So become a writer for a day & have someone (ME) draw what you think up!...FUN!
I've also created a couple prints exclusively for this event shown below which I'll have available at my table (obviously without the watermarks on them).  There will be other goodies there to choose from, so come to the show & see what I have in store!
"Let's take Wolverine & Mario, decapitate them, then sew their heads on the other one's body!" That's what my brain told me to do so that's exactly what I did in this print & now you can own this sick idea for yourself!:
I don't know why I automatically illustrate characters cutting each other's heads off when thinking of comic book & video game characters fighting, but I'm guilty of it again with this print which will also be available at the show.  Don't be fooled by the cuteness & innocence of LINK...he means business:

Cool.  I REALLY hope to see some of you there!

June 7, 2011

Welp, Meth & Hot Dogs 2, the super cool show I was a part of at LIFT Gallery in Detroit just closed at the end of May, but with the death of something comes the birth of something else:
Saturday night a portal of epic brutality was unleashed in the state of Illinois.  OhNo!Doom Gallery in Chicago held it's opening of "Friends of the Beast: A Tribute to Metal".  If you're in the area you must check out this amazing exhibit filled with super talented artists which will almost guarantee your eyes to bleed from all the awesome. You can view/purchase the entire show online HERE. The exhibit will run through June, so tell your friends, enemies & lovers to go...
Here are my two pieces:

A Girl In A Head (14" x 11" - watercolor/ink on gesso panel):

A Boy With A Head (16" x 20" - watercolor/ink on canvas):

June 3, 2011

Illustration Friday

My second submission for Illustration Friday.  The topic this week is "shadows."

"I look out the window sometimes to seek the color of the shadows and the different greens in the trees, but when I get ready to paint I just close my eyes and imagine a scene." ~ Grandma Moses

May 23, 2011

The Sketchbook Project 2012

Here we go again!
I opened up my mailbox a little over a week ago to find a 6"x 9" envelope sent from Brooklyn.  I immediately knew what it was & the creative juices started soaking my brain.
Last year I participated in my first Sketchbook Project created by Art House Coop.  It was such a pleasant experience of spending way too much money on Pigma Micron pens & nights when I should've been working on other projects but didn't that I decided I had to do it again this year...& more than likely every year now.
Upon opening the envelope I noticed a difference in the sketchbook from last year's.  It was considerably smaller in size & the amount of pages had decreased as well.  The paper was a tad bit heavier too which will prevent bleeding.  I was definitely relieved & happy to see these changes.
Last year my theme was "Help!" which you can view here.  
This year my theme is "Encyclopedia of..." which you'll now be able to view right here.
I'll be updating this blog post periodically as I complete my sketchbook.  Once my book is complete I plan on making copies of it to make it available at Austin Comic Con coming up & to anyone else wanting to own it through my online store.  Needless to say it will be filled with some twisted goodness.
So enjoy my process below!  I'll be posting them via Twitter as well along with whatever else I'm working on (& don't forget my random art GIVEAWYS!), so give me a follow.
By the way...Art House is still taking orders/submissions for The Sketchbook Projects 2012.  Sign up!