December 28, 2010

out with the with the new.

Whelp...there went 2010.  That was a quick one.  The older I get the more the realization of how fast time sneaks away hits me.  Needless to say I welcome those pounding reminders, especially when I find myself being an unproductive slump.
It was a good year however.  My resolution last year was to really focus on my art which I'd been neglecting for far too long.  Even though I could always do more, I still accomplished some things:  I searched & destroyed a few storyboard jobs for different production companies, designed some posters/prints for bands & other projects, showed my art in a few shows & most importantly networked to meet a lot of amazing, talented peeps.  This year will only be better as the momentum is gaining & I have a lot more people kicking me in my ass for motivation which is what I was lacking for so long.  Spank you friends!
Some exciting news is by the time you read this I just updated my online shop with some new goodies!  I'm finally introducing my new trading cards "Those Weird Ones".  I went out & did some extensive interviews with the strangest people/creatures I could find....& they're more abundant & available than you think!  I have over a thousand pages of information on hundreds & hundreds of these bizarre folk, so I'm sitting on a plethora of material that soon will spill out to the public.  As of now however, there are only four available to get to know & wonder about.  These portraits are 4x6 cards created with the most loving watercolors & ink I could find to capture their stories.    They're all available at my shop individually or as a set...all hand signed.  Get to know Gill below & the other ones.  They always need new friends (Gill especially) so grab em now!:
During my travels through this twisted land finding & learning about "Those Weird Ones", I stumbled upon an unnamed creature sitting alone.  There was something oddly zen/peaceful about this guy, even though he just removed his own eyes!  I quickly did some study sketches & took some notes to refer to later as this fellow sat there for hours & hours...never moving...only thinking.  The final outcome was "The Thinkin' Demon" & I'm assuming he's still sitting in that exact spot I found him earlier this year.  These 11"x17" prints will all have their very own unique touches, as I luckily collected some of the demon's blood fresh from it's eye sockets & individually splattered it on every print!  OH YES I DID!!

With these new yummies (ALL available now at my online store), I'm still knocking out more stuff for the year ahead.  I have a few pages to fill in my book for The Sketchbook Project before it embarks on it's US tour.  I have prints/cards/customs/pins/other merchandise on the drawing table to have a nice display of visual stimuli for conventions/exhibitions I plan on being a part of this year.  In between all of this I'll of course keep revisiting the strange places that continue to feed me with the material & inspiration I seek.  You can easily stay up to date with all of this & random drawings/ideas/comments on a daily basis by following me on Twitter.  I've already given away some of my art to a few lucky (or unlucky...depending on how you like my stuff) followers & plan on doing more giveaways soon & often.  
Like I said before, my momentum is in full swing going into the new year & I'm going to attempt a lot more things than my lazy ass did (or only thought of) in 2010.  I hope you continue to show interest... .. .  .

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