August 26, 2010

A terrible idea spawned from a spontaneous brainstorm session with some buddies.  Not sure if I want to see this one through though...

August 23, 2010

My nephew had his first day of school today.  I had to sketch something out to celebrate this.  Forgot to scan it to my computer, so took a lousy picture of it....

August 20, 2010

I had pieces on exhibit & for sale at the 'Mail Me Art: Medium Without a Message' show in London which ran from July 30th-August 5th. Definitely a cool concept which included some amazing illustrators/painters from all over the globe.
Darren Di Lieto is the man behind this idea & has just received the proof of the second volume of 'Mail Me Art' which will contain my illustrations. More info here.
Here are some photos of the exhibit courtesy of Darren:

August 3, 2010

David Choe is a bad ass.
Upper Playground had a little gathering of artists to create Choe inspired/related art.  This is mine: