January 31, 2010

random illustrations.

I beat things with tiny pieces of hickory in a band. We're called Baron Grod.
Here are some goodies I've done for the group.
(check us out on Facebook or MySpace if you're interested in new sounds)

4.25"x2.75" stickers with this image are available:

I have this jellyfish/whale design available on shirts.  Black print on sky blue shirt.
Please email me if interested:

wrestling illustrations

I'm commissioned by an online/play-by-mail wrestling game to illustrate wrestlers.  I have complete freedom to do what I want as I'm only given the wrestler's names.  Hundreds of "managers" play this game from all over the globe which keeps the jobs entertaining & always different.
I find this gig extremely comical....

January 29, 2010


'moment of realization'...done my second semester at college :

'dots & loops':

...sketches of my kitties:

January 26, 2010


I've had the privilege to contribute my hand to some commercials & films. Here's only a portion of my time I've spent on storyboards(the comic books of what you see on screen):

Commercial: 'Eckrich Sausage'(Bute Rutherford Entertainment):

Commercial: 'University of Texas El Paso'(Insanity Corporation):

Commercial: 'Burger King'(Hungry Man, Inc.):

Movie Trailer: 'Blood+and+Love'(Clockwork Films):

Commercial: 'Cheyenne Mountain Zoo' (Insanity Corporation):

PSA: Smokeless Tobacco Campaign - SpitItOutTexas.Org

Commercial (Insanity Corporation):

some paintin's...

A Xmas gift for the folks:

My tribute to Mark Sandman:

January 6, 2010


Last week was my niece's birthday so I sketched out this illustration for her....